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The Parish of Northenden, Manchester
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St. Wilfrid’s Parish Church
Ford Lane
M22 4WE
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St.Wilfrid’s is the Church of England ( i.e. “Anglican,” or “Episcopalian”) Parish Church for Northenden, a district in the Wythenshawe area of south Manchester, UK.
Our aim is to honour God as we worship him, using both traditional and modern C of E forms of service; to share the good news of what Jesus Christ taught about life, God, and our relationship with him, and what he achieved for us through his death and resurrection; to offer support, spiritual or practical, to people in times of need or crisis, and in the normal routine and adventure of living; to encourage people to serve God in and through their daily lives, whether in their church activities, or in their “normal” life in work, family and community; to help people grasp more clearly the Christian understanding of life, the world and everything, through discussion and teaching.
Christians have been worshipping on the site of St. Wilfrid’s Parish Church for almost 1000 years and the present historic and beautiful building remains the focus for an active congregation in the 21st Century.
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St. Wilfrid's church viewed from the South side
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Daily Gospel Verse

July 2015

O, all you works of the Lord, bless the Lord,

praise him and magnify him for ever;

sun and moon, stars and sky (black holes and dark matter),

warmth and cold, wind and rain, cloud and sunshine,

bless the Lord, praise and magnify him to eternity;

O all created things, birds and beasts, plants and fruit,

wild places and gardens, travellers and gardeners,

farmland and cities, homes, studios and workshops,

planners and engineers, scientists and technicians,

bless the Lord, praise and magnify him for all time;

and all you servants of God, who love and trust him,

who pray and worship him and seek to serve him,

bless the Lord, praise and magnify him for ever;


(A canticle for summer, based on the “Benedicite”,

from a supplementary part of the book of Daniel)

• July 2015 CONCORD Parish Magazine is available to download.

• Cream Tea in the church hall on Saturday 25th July between 2:00 pm and 4:00pm.

• Next St. Wilfrid’s Church Open Days will be Sat/Sun 12th/13th September but the tower will be open on Sunday 30th August (boat race day).

• The Rector’s booklet, ‘We Will Remember Them’, is available from the Church. It prints articles from CONCORD about WW1 casualties recognised in the churchyard, with more information and colour photographs. It now includes the full list of our 1914 - 19 war graves, and new sections based on the most recent editions of CONCORD.

Price (further revised edition) £2.25

• Thoughts of Marriage? Please view, save or print our new Wedding Flier with some basic information to help you decide.

• Scramblers dates - click here.

• Coffee Mornings will normally be on the last Saturday of the month ~ but watch the monthly diary slot.

Don’t forget to “Drop in” between 2.00 pm and 5.00 pm’ishSt.Wilfrid’s church is open most Sunday afternoons from 2.00 pm until Dusk, for prayer, visiting, enquiries, ancestor hunting, &c.